Engineering Services

We offer a unique combination of engineering skills and application know-how to support our customers in optimizing systems for key functional performance attributes, including acoustics, NVH, durability, system dynamics and structural integrity. We enable our customers to analyze and optimize a design’s real-life performance from the early concept stage onwards. Throughout the detailed design and engineering phase, our project teams excel at detecting weak spots, identifying root causes, and delivering valuable insight in time to affect design decisions. We quickly diagnose late-stage development problems and develop pragmatic solutions.

The Solutions offered

  • On site Noise & Vibration measurement & analysis
  • On site or off site Experimental Modal Testing and Operational Modal Testing
  • Acoustic Testing and analysis, Noise Source Identification
  •  Vibration (Qualification / Environment) tests
  • Modifications / Solutions to Noise and Vibration problems
  • Calibration of Vibration Sensors
  • Leasing of Hardware and sensors
Product & Application Support

As a system integrator, we assist our customers in choosing the most appropriate configuration for a certain application. We deliver, install and commission the system. Extensive training and seminar programs, including on-site services, help our clients’ technical staff to gain and maintain their knowledge of the system and software capabilities for their specific applications. We support our customers with engineers who understand the hardware and software in the related engineering applications. Our hardware services include calibration and maintenance of the systems to optimize the accuracy of the system and to extend its lifetime. We offer a complete portfolio of professional services, including the design of test facilities, full management of a customer’s installation, on site training and support, and continuous knowledge transfer. Our products are designed using the latest standards to combine speed of development with long-term maintainability and robustness.

Engineering Services & Analysis

Structural Dynamics

  • Modal Testing & Analysis
  • Operational Modal Analysis

Acoustic Testing and analysis

  • Noise Source Identification
  • Near Field Noise Source Identification
  • Far Field Noise Source ranking
  • Sound Quality Analysis
  • Sound Intensity Mapping
  • Surface Impedance Measurements
  • Sound Pressure Level Measurements
  • Octave Analysis
  • Sound Power Measurements

Signature Testing

  • Order Tracking
  • Fixed Sampling
  • Operational Deflection Shape and Time Animation

Modifications / Solutions to Noise and Vibration problems

We offer solutions to help our customer achieve the desired results by identifying the root causes and suggesting modifications. The results are reconfirmed after actual modifications and ensure that the product meets the required Noise and Vibration Levels.

Typical Applications

  • General Vibration Measurements
  • Natural Frequency Identifications
  • Operational Deflection Shapes and Time Animation
  • Road Load Data Collection
  • Noise Source Identifications
  • Rotating Machinery Analysis