M6900 Commercial

The Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer (Model 6900) is a full-sized system robustly designed to evaluate braking performance characteristics up to 35,000 Nm for off-highway and commercial vehicle applications. This state-of-the-art machine incorporates a multi-disc inertia section combined with electric motor I-Sim capability to replicate exact test conditions required for brake testing. The Model 6900 is a qualified machine for research and development of drum brakes, air disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, and friction material within a structured test setting that is proven to compare with full vehicle results.

Drive Motor186 kW223 kW
Shaft Speed0-1200 rpm0-1500 rpm
Brake Torque35000 Nm35000 Nm
Mechanical Inertia156 – 2096 kgm²156 – 2691 kgm²
I-SIM20-2500 kgm²20-3131 kgm²
Pneumatic Brake Apply Pressure10 bar16 bar
Hydraulic Brake Apply Pressure206.8 bar