Sound Level Meters NOR 131/132

he Nor131 is a Class 1 (precision) instrument whilst the Nor132 is designed in accordance with the less accurate Class 2 requirements. Both meters offer the same features with exception of the detachable preamplifier which is only available on the Nor131 version.

  • Noise hazards in the workplace
  • Prescription of hearing protection
  • Environmental noise investigations
  • Product noise testing
  • General purpose sound level meter
  • Reverberation measurement
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LMax, LMin, LE and LPeak (plus the Tmax5 for Germany only).
  • Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow and Impulse.
  • Spectral weighting functions: Simultaneously measurement of A and C or Z-weighting. Additionally the 1/1 octave real time filters covering all bands from 8 Hz to 16K Hz (option 1) or 1/3-octave covering all bands from 6,3Hz to 20kHz (option 4).
  • Statistical calculations: 7 fixed percentiles L1%, L5%, L10%, L50%, L90%, L95%, and L99% plus one user defined value (f.ex. L0.1%). The statistical calculation is performed in real time within each frequency band if the filter option 1 is installed.
  • One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments.
  • Self noise measured with microphone: 17dBA (25dBA for Nor132)
  • Maximum RMS level: 137dBA
  • Maximum Peak level: 140dB PeakC