The Frequency and Damping Test Stand is optimized for the determination of 

♦ Frequency Range better than standard requirement (500Hz to 16 kHz)

  ♦ Damping Values of brake parts following SAE J2598.

♦ Frequency Resolution< 1 Hz at 20 kHz

♦ Calculation of Damping or Loss Factor according to SAE J2598

♦ Selectable dB Values for Damping Estimation for each Natural Frequency

♦ Quality Sentencing based on Frequency Tolerances

♦ Temperature Measurement with optional Frequency Correction


Measurement Types

♦ Part Type Definition
♦ Serial Measurement
♦ Repetition Measurement
♦ Master Part Measurement


Data Management – Software

The Software handles complete test procedure as below

  ♦ SQL Data Base

♦ User Management
♦ Work Order
♦ Part Types
♦ Measurement Data
♦ Reporting