The ACLOGUS (ACoustic LOcalisation of GUnShots) ACLOGUS detects and localizes (notably) incoming Small Arm Fire, also when the vehicle is driving. ACLOGUS is also able to localize the origin of rounds up to a miss distance of around 200 meters.

Thus, an Acoustic Umbrella of around 400 m diameter is created where dismounted soldiers, or other vehicles, may benefit from the very single CASTLE loaded with ACLOGUS firmware being present.

  • All weather, day and night
  • Low size, weight and power
  • Passive system
  • Sensor node not sticking out of the vehicle
  • Requires no line of sight
  • Detecting and localizing small arms fire up to 1800 m
  • Easy BMS/C2 integration

The four AMMSs in the CASTLE enable advanced signal processing algorithms that do not only distinguish platform induced noise from external audible events, but also take into account the “acoustic shadows” or acoustic reflections created on a vehicle deck that is not flat.

By capturing the incoming shockwave signal, a shockwave warning is given with an angular accuracy of typically 120 degrees.

The very instant that also the corresponding muzzle blast noise arrives at the CASTLE sensor node, the angle is reduced down to 2 degrees and the range is given with 10 % accuracy.

The time stamped localization is displayed as a dot on the map. When desired, ACLOGUS can be connected to a 3rd party BMS/C2.