The vRotorModal is a system for determining the modal values of rotating components during operation. In the case of brake discs, for example, the change in natural frequencies and damping are determined as a function of the brake pressure.

¨     vAnalyzer – all vibration signals and the tachometer signal are sampled and stored synchronously.

¨     vMeasure – 04-32 Channels of 24 Bit, 100 kHz supports AC, DC, IEPE sensors

¨     Sensor Database

¨     Time Recording

¨     vSpeedBox with Tacho-Signal

¨     vRotorModal – The further processing of the time data for the operating modal or operating deflection shape analysis takes place offline with the vRotorModal software

¨     Time data of Derotator

¨     Geometry Generator,OMA and ODS Module

¨     The short measurement times allow to do a high amount of tests for various operating parameters within an acceptable time.