24 channel data acquisition module for dynamic signals with 30 kHz bandwidth

24 channel data acquisition module for dynamic signals

 The LiveRed24+ is a 24 channel data acquisition for dynamic signals with highest precision and a bandwidth of 30kHz in each channel. The module is extremely compact and performs with just 10W power supply. All channels are equipped with 24 Bit measurement AD converters showing a dynamic range of more than 110 dB. At the same time the input noise is so low that only the ICP sensors itself give the lower boundary for the recording.

Due to this already the 1V measurement range covers the smallest input signals with down to 3uV noise (A-Weighted) and allows for simplest use without much worry about input ranges. The need for range adjustment can be eliminated completely for all signals up to 20V input if the module is used as a 12 channel device enabling the X-Range feature for all these channels.

The module is completed by two additional pulse channels with 500kHz sampling rate, an optional CAN bus input and additional slow DC channels. A single module can be used and supplied (!) directly at the USB port of a PC. Multiple modules will be used via ethernet connection to form powerful multi channel systems.