Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems

Link VMAX M4000

Link Engineering Company’s V-Max 4000 provides the latest in modular data acquisition system technology. The combination of high sampling rates, reliability, modularity and versatility make the V-Max 4000 ideally suited for your precise test applications while meeting your specific budget requirements.

  • Runs ProLINK, common to LINK laboratory systems
  • Allows vehicle to laboratory transformation
  • Records in LINK standard data format up to 1000 channels
  • 1000+ summary variables on every recording
  • Sample rates up to 51.2 kHz depending on channel
  • Localized technical/calibration support in most regions of the world
  • Out-of-the box data logger and programmable system
  • Add-ins allows custom functionality
  • Custom test prompting
  • Immediate end-of-recording user feedback
  • Library of add-ins included
  • LINK can help develop a custom test system
  • Data and video synchronization
  • Designed to aid the driver in successful test execution
  • Driver prompts
  • Configurable heads-up display
  • Commenting interface
  • Customizable target bars with ramp rate functionality
  • Channel saturation warnings