Modal Analysis


For decades, engineers, analysts and technicians have relied on Vibrant’s ODS and Modal Analysis technology to quickly and affordably solve even the most complex noise and vibration problems. Our premier software, MEscope, uses industry-leading 3D animated models, videos, and post-processing tools to turn data into solutions and actions.

Visual Engineering Series
VES-3600 Advanced Signal Processing
  • Time waveform & frequency spectrum analysis, FFT & Inverse FFT
  • Waveform cut, copy & paste, waveform integrate & differentiate, waveform math
  • Auto & Cross spectra, PSDs, ODS FRFs, multi-reference FRFs, Multiple & Partial Coherence
  • Multiple time & frequency Inputs & Outputs, Transfer Path Analysis
  • Narrow & octave band analysis, acoustic intensity, sound power & more
VES-4000 Modal Analysis
  • SDOF & MDOF modal parameter estimation
  • Quick Fit, FRF synthesis, MAC, SDI, & more
VES-4600 Advanced Modal Analysis (Requires VES-4000)
  • Multiple reference modal parameter estimation
  • Stability diagram, Pole diagram, compare results from four different curve fitting methods
  • OMA modal parameter estimation from output-only measurements
  • Mode shape scaling & more
VES-5000 Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM)
  • Explore structural modifications using a mode shape model & FEA modification elements
  • Model modifications using industry-standard finite elements (masses, springs, dampers, rods, beams, plates, solids)
  • Includes modal sensitivity, sub-structuring, tuned absorbers, & more
 VES-8000 Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Create FEA models using industry-standard finite elements (masses, springs, dampers, rods, beams, plates, solids)
  • Import & export FEA models in popular FEA formats
  • Calculate normal & complex mode shapes. Element meshing for more accurate FEA models
  • Comparison of analytical (FEA) & experimental (EMA) mode shapes
  • FEA Model Updating; Explore FEA model changes required to match EMA modal parameters, & more
VES-9000 ODS Video Processing™
  • ODS video creation from a vibration video recording
Multi-Channel Acquisition Options
VES-700 Multi-Channel Acquisition
  • Acquires multi-channel time waveforms directly from supported front end hardware (in the table below)
  • Supports Impact, Output-Only, and Multi-Shaker testing: Post-processing includes Auto & Cross spectra, Auto & Cross Correlation, Multi-Reference FRFs, Ordinary, Multiple & Partial Coherence, ODS FRFs, TRN Chain measurement & seeding
  • Pre-recorded data: Post-processes pre-recorded time waveforms from a Data Block
  • Graphical Display: Each test point & direction displayed on a 3D model of the test article
  • Shaker testing: Outputs 1 to 6 burst random or burst chirp signals through compatible DAC hardware Multiple signals are uncorrelated
VES-780 8-Channel Acquisition
  • Supports hardware with up to 8 acquisition channels, no shaker output signals, single-reference post-processing