As is known from practice, manual excitation with a small modal hammer without “double hits” is almost impossible. Automatic Modal Hammer helps to work without “double hits” in all directions.

¨     Adjustable Force Amplitude from 0 to 100%

¨     Adjustable Interval Rate

¨     Manual Trigger

¨     Timer Operation

¨     External Trigger Closer Contact

¨     High Impact Reproducibility

¨     Touch Screen

¨     Setup Mode.

¨     Remote Software mirrors the controller display and thus enables control from the PC via the USB port.

¨     Modal hammer can be triggered in four various ways

vImpact-63 is particularly interesting for acoustic and laser measurements.

¨     Excitation Force > 150 N peak

¨     Frequency Range up to 60kHz

¨     With the timer in the range of min 2 hits per second up


The new vImapct-2003 modal hammer includes a high precision, motarized adjustments of the hammer preload.

¨     Changeable Hammer tips (Steel ~ 2kN, Poliamide ~ 600N, Rubber ~ 40N)

¨     Frequency Range up to 6kHz

¨     Replaceable Force Cell

¨     With the timer in the range of min one hit per 2 seconds