M4900 NVH Chassis Dynamometer

The NVH Chassis Dynamometers are used to evaluate a wide range of vehicles, from small passenger cars to light trucks, at up to 250 kph. The system can be configured with one, two or four rolls, with each axle, or each individual roll, driven by a motor. The drive motor(s) and power equipment are able to be isolated in a separate room, or noise enclosure. The rolls are completely enclosed, except for the running surface in the room above, keeping background noise levels low. An automated wheelbase adjustment system accommodates a wide range of vehicle wheelbases. The dynamometer can be configured with a noise and vibration evaluation package, a hemi-anechoic test chamber, an environmental control system, and an engine cooling fan. The size of the rolls, their surface treatment, the allowable load range and other parameters are able be customized to meet specific requirements. A dedicated noise analyzer, controlled by ProLINK software, captures and displays NVH data.

Drive Motor149kW (200 HP)
Maximum Axle Load6800 kg
Roadwheel Diameter1850 mm
Roadwheel Width711 mm
Maximum Road Speed250 kph
Vehicle Wheel Base2.3 – 5.6 m