Wheel and Hub testing

We bring you precision high-speed measurement and control systems, supporting six-axis inline force and moment measurements for laboratory and vehicle tests, an intuitive user interface, easy report generation and data export, and high-rate data sampling with real-time processing.

When you need to move fast, we move with you. Our biaxial systems are designed to deliver results twice as fast as the rest of the industry and to support quick part changeovers as well, all so you can have the data you need, fast.

Using a six-axis wheel force transducer for biaxial wheel fatigue, we can incorporate corrosive media, mud slurry, water, and hot or cold temperatures in our hub bearing test system. Our universal impact test stand enables precise measurement of speed, position, and force—so you can know the total energy put into the test article. This kind of mastery is why we are regularly called on to help develop vehicle-to-dyno and laboratory test methods.https://www.adamsengg.com/accelerometer-microphone-calibrations/

Wheel and Tire Performance
Bearing performance and Hub Fatigue