NVH Test Facilities

Today’s highly competitive markets require products which are well tested and durable. Testing for these products and achieving the required performance from the components play a crucial role in the final cost of the products. Any component which is under tested may under perform in real life. Similarly, products which are overdesigned increase the costs of the final product.

Performance, NVH and Durability testing are some of the major tests that are conducted before the realization of the final product.

ADAMS Engineering can be a one-point source for all NVH and Durability Testing requirements. Our past experience in various individual test systems will be utilized in setting up your full-fledged NVH TEST Facility. We have built Test houses for customers to meet their test requirements. Technical and Application training on utilizing these facilities are incorporated as part of the test house design requirements.

Sensors are a very small but play a critical part in testing process. The right data should be sensed and transferred to the analysis process. Sensors from Industry leaders like DYTRAN and GRAS are used worldwide for exactly the same reasons.

Any type of Data Acquisition system from Small portable 2 channel to Highly accurate multichannel systems with the necessary software for data acquisition are being used by many of our customers in India. The detailed analysis for different applications like Structural testing, Signature testing, Qualification tests or acoustic testing can easily be performed with our advanced software’s. Leaders like Microflown Technologies, Norsonic, Mescope all help their customers to derive the maximum out of the tests to understand the problems.

Microflown Technologies was founded in 1998 by Hans Elias de Bree and Alex Koers, following the invention of the particle velocity sensor in 1994 by de Bree. The Microflown sensor is a truly unique acoustic sensor and is the first and only sensor in the world that allows to directly measure particle velocity as a physical quantity. Twenty years after the invention, with customers all over the world, we have proven to be an important contribution to the understanding and charting of Noise Source Identification in the sound field on all kinds of automobile components, white goods appliances, Defence and Aerospace.

Some of these test systems require Noise proof environment for testing. We design and Install these Hemi anechoic and anechoic chambers to suit to your requirements. The experience of ECKEL Industries, inventors of Wedges for Anechoic chambers during World War II has helped many industries worldwide. Some of these facilities built in India are utilized by many major Industries.

Norsonic is contributing to a more environmentally friendly and quiet world. The Nor150 is a multi-tool covering a vast variety of applications such as Environmental Noise assessments, Building acoustics, Sound Intensity, Noise at workplace.

All the major automobile components are to be tested for its performance. Adams brings in a wealth of experience from LINK engineering into your facilities. Dynomometers, Actuators, performance testing systems and all other testing facilities can be designed to suit your requirements.