ACCOPS firmware inhibits all the knowledge gained by Microflown AVISA in the counter battery domain where both launch noise and 3D shockwave signals are analyzed. If the formation has a local digital network between the vehicles equipped with a CASTLE, the network is at least able to localize the launch position of the threat being fired. Hence a second attack might be prevented. A stand alone CASTLE can provide a warning against an incoming subsonic threat.


  • All weather, day and night
  • Low size, weight and power
  • Passive system
  • Requires no line of sight
  • Detecting and localizing RPG’s up to 2000 m
  • Easy BMS/C2 integration
  • Operational when the vehicle is driving
  • Capable of separating vehicle induced noise from external, hostile, sound sources
  • Robustness against acoustic shadows and acoustic reflections caused by the vehicle deck
  • Capable of cueing remote weapon stations and cameras
  • Easy integration on various vehicle platforms, e.g. UGV’s, IFV’s, light tactical vehicles and APC’s

The performance of ACCOPS primarily depends upon the availability of a local digital network between the CASTLEs on the vehicles in the formation. Furthermore, the speed of the incoming threat is of relevance for acoustic sensors.

A stand alone CASTLE will be able to pick up the noise of the launch before the threats hits the vehicle. The response time left depends upon the difference between the speed of the threat and the speed of sound and the stand-off distance between the launch position and the vehicle.

In case of a supersonic threat, governed by physics, the stand alone CASTLE on the vehicle under attack will not get the signals before the threat hits.A network of CASTLEs in the formation will be able to localize the launch position of both subsonic and supersonic threats being launched.

Hence, a second attack might be prevented by the formation.It is foreseen that the network of CASTLEs is also able to determine the trajectory of the threat, providing a warning to the vehicle under threat.