General Vehicle Testing


Measurement system for sound, vibration, comparison and filtering

With 4 or 6 dynamic channels with ICP supply, two pulse channels, CAN bus input and additional slow DC channels the LivePad is a very small but complete measurement lab. Due to the X-Range all dynamic channels can be recorded without any need to adjust the range by the user.

6 channels with ICP® supply for sound, vibrations, and RPM pulses + CAN bus interface as per ISO 11898.  Multiple channels for sound and vibrations plus RPM and parameters of the CAN bus are recorded in a calibrated manner and analyzed.

  • Stylish tablet PC with dual-core i5, Windows®7, and 64 GB SSD
  • The USB front end is tailored to match the design and forms a unit with the tablet PC.
  • Dimensions of 205 x 310 x 45 mm
  • 3 hours of runtime with a single battery charge
  • X- Range ( Autorange Technology)
  • > 130 db Dynamic Range / 2*24 Bit ADC/Channel
  • 4/6 Dynamic Channels
  • DC/AC/ICP Coupling
  • -10 V to + 20 V Input
  • Sample Rate 64Khz
  • 4 Slow DC Channels +- 15V
  • 2 Pulse Inputs (250Khz)
  • 2 Channels Digital AES/EBU input at 48Khz
  • CAN Bus Support, with Galvanic Isolation