Steering Systems

Power Steering Systems Test Stands

Test stands for use in production and development environments

Power Steering Test Stand 

Hydraulic Power Steering Pump Test Stand 

The Link Power Steering Pump Tester is designed for testing hydraulic automotive steering pumps.  This test stand consists of a fixture-mounting table with a universal fixture mounting plate, which allows for the mounting of a wide range of pump mounting configurations.  The drive assembly consists of a 40hp, 10,000 RPM water-cooled vector duty motor, and a fixture-mounting table.

The fixture-mounting table rides vertically on two linear slides with an air cylinder to actuate the table. A load cell is mounted between the air cylinder and the table to measure belt load so that a specific amount of belt load can be placed on the steering pump. The fixturing assembly consists of a universal mounting bracket and universal mounting plate that allow testing of a wide range of pumps.

Electric Steering Systems Test Stands

Precision test stand for the evaluation of electric steering systems

Electric Steering Test Stand