siTracer – SoundTec Far Field Acoustic Camera

siTracer is an innovative acoustic camera used to localize sound sources in a distance from about 1m until infinity. Because of the high dynamic range in one picture one can see and differentiate sound sources which would be melted together using other acoustic cameras. This is possible die to our patented algorithm for the sound identification (SIA). Due to the better differentiation multiple sources can be distinguished and localized. In addition, the level of these sound sources will be measured precisely. One can even mark multiple areas in the acoustic picture and sum up the level radiated within those. Another difference to other systems is the automatic acoustic focus of the camera which works independently at the same time for all the areas seen. The camera enables high temporal resolution with slow motion up to a factor of 1000.

Through the innovative technique of siTracer not only sound sources are automatically localized and displayed in greater detail, but also the sound emission of the localized sound sources is precisely accurately measured.

  • Acoustic AutoFocus
  • Area Level Summation
  • Optimized microphone setting
  • Measuring accuracy
  • Slow motion playback
  • Lightweight frame thanks to carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Integrated data acquisition: 24 channel frontends
  • Integrated video camera
  • 24 standard microphones
  • Runs on laptop