Microflown Technologies GmbH

Microflown Technologies was founded in 1998 by Hans Elias de Bree and Alex Koers, following the invention of the particle velocity sensor in 1994 by de Bree. The Microflown sensor is a truly unique acoustic sensor. It is the first and only sensor in the world that allows to directly measure particle velocity as a physical quantity. Twenty years after the invention, with customers all over the world, we have proven to be an important contribution to the understanding and charting of sound fields.


Microflown was founded as an innovative start-up project at the technical University of Twente, which is located at the heart of a major Dutch technology centre. It was there that de Bree finished his PhD degree and gathered an international team of researchers and engineers. By 2003, after years of research and development, a broad banded and industrialized particle velocity sensor was finally introduced to the market. Ever since, the sensor has been known as the ´Microflown´ sensor. Since 2003, the company grew rapidly and finally relocated to its own headquarters in Arnhem.


For acoustics as a science, the Microflown sensor proved to be a massive leap forward, empowering researchers and engineers to advance their understanding of complex vibro-acoustic phenomena. The innovative character of Microflown did not stop at the sensor level. New measurement techniques were researched in cooperation with the brightest minds in the world of acoustic. Starting from sensors, now innovative acoustic imaging solutions are developed.


The Microflown sensor technology along with measurement solutions built around it, come as a product of extensive research and development carried out by a small but committed team of engineers. Our engineers are constantly seeking for new opportunities to keep our technology up to date with the latest quality standards. All microflown sensing elements are manufactured under the clean room technology. Remainder of the assembly process is carried out by a team of experienced employees that adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring the highest quality products.