Vibrant Technology, Inc.

Known throughout the industry as one of its pioneers, Dr. Mark Richardson, Sr., the founder, was one of the first to recognize the importance of vibration analysis for those in structural testing and machinery maintenance. He directed the development of the first commercially available FFT-based modal testing system and the first dedicated modal testing instrument, the HP 5423A Structural Dynamics Analyzer. Dr. Richardson also brought to market the first modal software for analyzing structural noise and vibration problems and the first software to work with PCs.

With the founding of Vibrant in 1991, Dr. Richardson and a team of veteran engineering professionals have refined this technology, now known as the MEscope software series.

Today, engineers, analysts and technicians around the world rely on Vibrant and MEscope for:

Rich Features

  • Feature-rich software, affording users a more detailed, realistic look at overall structural health


  • The ease and cost efficiency of using virtually any front-end hardware to acquire data


  • Next-level analysis to not only solve complex noise and vibration problems, but also avoid much bigger issues down the line


  • Responsive, individualized support from knowledgeable professionals