Noise and Volume Sources

NOR 276
  • The Nor276 is a high power loudspeaker with omnidirectional characteristics.
  • Fulfils the following standards;
  • ISO 10140-1:2010 (replaces ISO 140-3 Annex C (Laboratory measurements))
  • ISO 16283-1:2014 (replaces ISO 140-4 Annex A (Field measurements)
  • ISO 3382 Annex A (Reverberation Time measurements).
  • The output power level is up to 120 dB re. 1pW for a pink noise signal.
  • The source provides uniform sound radiation. When used with the power amplifier Nor280, the high sound power level ensures accurate descriptors in measurement conditions that include high background levels, high sound insulation properties and large room volumes.

NOR 275
  • Nor275 is designed for placement on the floor and uses the floor as a mirror for emitted sound.
  • The loudspeaker is designed to operate at full power for more than one hour continuously.

NOR 280 Power Amplifier
  • Specially designed for Building Acoustic measurements
  • Lightweight and rugged construction – only 3,5 kg!
  • Self-contained noise generator
  • 500 Wrms output power
  • Emits 120 dB sound power level in the 50—5000 Hz frequency range when used with Norsonic dodecahedron loudspeakers types Nor275 or Nor276
  • Wireless remote control of noise generator
  • Equalization network to optimize acoustic output from speaker
  • Balanced signal input for low noise and limited cross talk problems