NOR 850

The software Nor850 Suite is connecting a variable number of individual measuring units to create the optimal system that suits any measurement task. Dedicated user-friendly offer the following application packages:

The General Mode allows the user to make multi-spectrum measurements in all channels simultaneously with various settings for frequency range and level profiles. The profiles have user-defined period lengths from a few msec to several minutes. The results are presented in user-defined setups with both level vs. frequency and level vs. time views as well as tables. Special views for 3D or Spectro-gram are also available.

The basic Building Acoustics application package includes all required features for performing sound insulation tests in the field. Both the traditional ISO 140 Standards as well as the new ISO 16283 Standards are included, plus national varieties of these. The ASTM Standards E336, E90 as well as the E413 are also included. In the extended Building Acoustics package the more advanced laboratory test such as ISO 10140 as well as ASTM E1007, E492 and E989 are included together with absorption coefficient testing in accordance with ISO 354 and ASTM C423.

The basic Sound Power application package includes all features required for making sound power test in accordance with the various Standards in the ISO 3740 series.The extended Sound Power application package contains required features for making more special tests such as dual-chamber testing of heat-pumps, dynamic testing of earth moving machinery, and similar.

The Appliance Noise application package includes the requires features to perform a full laboratory test of the ISO 3822 Noise emission from appliances and equipment used in water supply installations.