Noise Monitoring Terminal

Norsonic offers a wide range of solutions for Environmental Noise Monitoring; from stand-alone Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT) with local or remote access, to large scaled hosted systems with several NMTs fully automated which deliver daily reports with noise data and meteorological data to the customer.

When our customers contact us about environmental monitoring we first define their needs and requirements. Then we suggest a solution based on this. When the customer is satisfied with our proposal, we implement the solution.

Throughout the world on every continent we have delivered solutions for environmental noise monitoring. We have systems at harbours, construction sites, traffic noise monitoring, wind energy plants, race tracks, production plants, shooting ranges and airports. Some systems are run by the customer itself.

But more and more customers choose to let Norsonic host their systems. Then they can focus on their main task and key knowledge; analysing the data from the Noise Monitoring Terminals, while we take care of the “boring stuff” like communication, configuration, backup, report generators ++.

A powerful report generator integrated in NorCloud offers you to design your own report templates (or you can use one of our standard templates). You can set NorCloud to distribute via e-mail as many measurement reports that you need, as often as you want. Or just select a time window in the graph, and generate a NorCloud report based on the selected time span.

Our Noise Monitoring Terminal Nor1531 is a weather proof cabinet supplied as a ready to go unit, including a IEC 61672 class 1 compliant instrument, our famous all weather outdoor microphone Nor1216, battery for shorter disruptions in power supply and a 4G modem.