Sound Power and Sound Intensity Measurements

Characterizing the level of acoustic energy radiated from a machine is an important task for manufacturers of consumer goods. Several measurement methods and standards exist for measuring the sound power level of an acoustic source. The main differentiator between sound power measurement techniques is the type of environment in which the measurement is made. 

Sound intensity measurements are now routinely used in the determination of the sound power of operating machinery in situ. Other applications of this measurement technique include visualization of sound fields, identification and rank ordering of partial sources, determination of transmission losses of panels and partition, determination of the radiation efficiency of vibrating surfaces and measurement of sound absorption of materials etc.

Adams offers several products that can help you in your Sound Power and Sound Intensity measurement tasks.

Sound Power Measurements

Hand Held Sound Pressure Level Based
Hand Held Intensity Based Method

Sound Intensity Measurement (PP Intensity Probe based )

Hand Held Sound Level Meter
Portable Daq with Intensity Measurement Capability

Sound Intensity Measurement (PU Particle Velocity Probe based)

Portable Daq with PU Probe Intensity Measurement Capability