Single point laser/Laser Vibrometer with the quick release clamps to the ScanSet adapter, adjust the mirror unit by the linear slides and you are ready for the scanning measurements. Using this equipment the measurement points can be easily arranged with the integrated drawing tools. The defined points are scanned automatically by the ScanSet software.

The user-friendly measurement and analysis soft-ware quickly processes the vibrations data, graphical displays, images and animations of vibration shapes in frequency and time domain.


The ScanSet is a turnkey solution:

¨      Scan head with mirrors and camera

¨      ScanSet holder for Scan head and the Laser Vibrometer

¨      Controller with 4 or 2 channel data acquisition

¨      Single point Laser Doppler Vibrometer (optional)

¨      Notebook or Windows PC with Control and Analysis Software


¨      Easy to transport for mobile measurements