The vModalSystem is a complete solution for experimental structural analysis. It includes the hardware and software which works with a standard PC or Laptop.

Maul Theet offers an excellent tool. vModalsystem provides the engineer with the complete hardware and software equipment necessary to carry out a successful modal analysis or an operating deflection shape measurement.

¨     vMeas – Data Acquisition Hardware

¨     vAnalyzer – Signal Analyser

¨     Integrated with vAnalyser that supports different DAQ of 04 – 64 Channels with the frequency range of 1Hz to 100kHz.

¨     vModal – Modal and ODS Analysis

¨     Modal Calculations such as SDOF, MDOF, Hand-fit, Mode-Indicator Function, Synthetic FRFs etc.,

¨     Simulation of eigen frequencies, mode shapes and damping.

¨     A feature to carryou forced response calculations are also integrated.

¨     FEM Eigen-Vectors for FEM calculations.

¨     ODS in both time domain and frequency domain

¨     3D Animation of obtained results.

¨     Reporting, UFF Import / Export, Animation as AVI-Files for users ease of use.