M3900 NVH Squeal Rig Dynamometer

The Model 3900 NVH Squeal Rig (Model 3900-SR) is a full-sized test machine solely designed for brake noise testing on automotive and light truck applications up to 5,650 Nm. This state-of-the-art machine incorporates a specially designed AC motor that delivers precise high torque drag capability required for NVH brake testing. The unique feature of the Model 3900-SR is its single fixed inertia disc, relying exclusively on inertia simulation and requiring no technician disc change-outs.

Drive Motor186 kW (AC)
Shaft Speed0-1500 rpm
Brake Torque5650 Nm
Mechanical Inertia27.5 kgm²
I-SIM5-205 kgm²
Brake Apply Pressure206.8 bar