Advanced Sensing


Data acquisition:
Vibracorder units & Vibrascout:

The VibraCorder™ and VibraScout™ product lines offer innovative and cost-effective solution for capturing critical vibration data in real-world applications!  Offered in various configurations, these compact, and lightweight units include easily installed, user-configurable software that optimizes data collection. Internal accelerometers eliminate the need for external cable runs and complex signal conditioning. Robust anti-aliasing filters ensure data integrity. The VibraCorder™ allows for test data to be stored on a convenient removable memory SD card that plugs directly into your computer; while, the VibraScout™ system includes a USB Digital 6DoF sensor that plugs directly into your computer for instant acquisition of 6DoF data! All VibraCorder™ products feature internal rechargeable batteries and remote power options for short and long duration tests. VibraScout™ is directly USB powered.


Dytran’s new generation of sensors combines two technologies (piezoelectric and DC response MEMS), which until now have never been packaged simultaneously in a single housing.


The Dytran series 7705 Extended Low Frequency (ELF™) accelerometer combines both a piezoelectric and a variable capacitance MEMS element, combined as a single output, to create the widest frequency response bandwidth in the industry, from DC (0 Hz) to 10 kHz. Unique ELF™ technology combines the most desirable features of piezoelectric sensors (excellent high frequency response) with those of variable capacitance accelerometers (true DC response), eliminating the need for using two different technologies to cover the bandwidth of interest in an application.

6 DOF:

Measure XYZ Acceleration and Roll, Pitch and Yaw. Series 7576 is a fully analog six degree of freedom (6DOF) sensor containing three DC–MEMS–based single axis accelerometers as well as three DC–MEMS–based gyros. The sensor will provide the end user X, Y, Z acceleration (g’s) as well rotational information (roll, pitch, yaw expressed in degrees/sec) around those three orthogonal axes. The series offers multiple sensitivity ranges and provides our end users with a highly capable, cost–effective, small size 6DOF sensor for myriad sensing applications.