Impact Test

The Impact Testing software of the m+p Analyzer real time analyzer includes useful tools like the selection of a roving hammer or transducer, selection of data points/nodes, double impact detection and rejection, definition of force and exponential window and a user-definable display configuration as a visual measurement feedback.

The combination of automatic DOF/node scheduling, automatic rejection of invalid measurements and automatic saving of data after a user-defined interval virtually eliminates all keyboard interaction. This is helpful for impact testing on large structures or at locations that are difficult to access.

Key Features

  • Unlimited and freely definable list of user-specific header information (metadata) for annotation, data retrieval, sorting and reporting
  • Simple parameter entry for the channels in tables including engineering units, transducer calibration data and inputs
  • Channel type: excitation, response, inactive; DC or AC coupled; input range, offset, pregain, acoustical weighting; FIR weighting filters hand, arm, body, user defined
  • Channel input: V, IEPE, Charge
  • Enter transducer calibration data or import from Excel
  • Roving hammer or roving transducer mode
  • Easy selection of measurement points (nodes) and directions
  • Acquisition setup: sample rate or useful bandwidth, blocksize, arming
  • Level trigger and pretrigger view
  • Data processing/data storage: time record, spectrum, PSD, cross-PSD, cross-half-PSD, FRF, coherence; linear averaging
  • Windows: uniform, force, exponential; force width and exponential end in %
  • Automatic detection and rejection of double impact measurements
  • Automatic, hands-off stepping through measurement points (nodes) and storage of averaged results during acquisition
  • User-definable displays for impact pulse, PSD, FRF/Coherence etc.
  • Save and recall measurement and display setups