Shock Test Systems

Shock tests are used to accurately measure the fragility of products and to evaluate how they respond when subjected to a particular shock input. Shock test data is key information necessary to ensure any product is capable of withstanding its intended “real world” use. Whether you wish to perform a complete Damage Boundary Product Fragility Assessment, an industry / mil standard shock pulse, or a company-specific test specification, Lansmont builds state-of-the-art shock test systems with the performance to meet your application.

Lansmont manufactures a wide variety of pre-configured shock test systems (30+ models) as well as custom systems built to solve specific or unique applications.

Our Standard Series shock test systems are capable of performing half sine, trapezoidal and sawtooth waveforms with impact velocities up to 288 in/sec. Table sizes range from 15cm x 15cm up to 152cm x 152cm with payloads up to 2500 lbs. This series includes our longest standing designs that have been in use for decades at installations across the globe.