Special Microphones


40LS CCP Precision Microphone is Just 2.5 mm thick, has an integrated CCP preamplifier and is delivered with a built-in TEDS chip, which enables it to be programmed as a complete unit.

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The GRAS 40SC is constructed with detachable stainless-steel probes tubes which guide the acoustic signal to a Prepolarized microphone inside the housing of the 40SC. After being sensed by the microphone, the acoustic signal is passed on to an impedance-matching wave guide which eliminates unwanted internal reflections. The result is a smooth frequency-response ranging from 2 Hz up to 20 kHz.

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48LA is an Ultra-Thin Precision (UTP) high-pressure surface microphone for aeroacoustic testing. The height of the microphone is 1 mm. It has a built-in preamplifier. The integrated cable connector is Microdot male. The total cable length is 3 meters.


Array microphones are designed to be mounted on large or small arrays. Such systems are typically used for measuring and locating noise sources, and here the phase match is important to get good accuracy in the measurements. An important characteristic of array microphones is that the microphones are phase-matched. 40PH-10 has a wide useful frequency range reaching up to 20 kHz and a large dynamic range topping at 135 dB, the peak value before visible clipping.

Intensity Probe: The GRAS intensity probes comprise two closely spaced, face-to-face microphones and a set of 1/4-inch preamplifiers as well as a control handle. The 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch intensity microphone pairs have been carefully manufactured and selected to have minimum phase difference.

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