Adams provides Engineering Services to leading Defense, Automotive, White goods and Mechanical Industries in troubleshooting and design refinement projects, engineering innovative products and optimizing their development processes. We help customers in design and setting up test facilities by identifying the best system for their specific applications. We have the system capabilities to execute Engineering Services projects onsite.

We offer a unique combination of engineering skills and application know-how to support our customers in optimizing systems for key functional performance attributes, including acoustics, NVH, durability, system dynamics and structural integrity. We enable our customers to analyze and optimize a design’s real-life performance from the early concept stage onwards. Throughout the detailed design and engineering phase, our project teams excel at detecting weak spots, identifying root causes, and delivering valuable insight in time to affect design decisions. We quickly diagnose late-stage development problems and develop pragmatic solutions.

Engineering departments are challenged to tune the functional performance characteristics of new designs to the values that support their brand identity. To meet these challenges, product development and engineering must take on a new mission. ADAMS can help on solving specific NVH shortcomings in newly developed or existing vehicles, or assisting NVH engineering teams in optimizing their own processes and practices.
ADAMS is ready to work with you in turning our approach to functional performance engineering to address your most critical engineering issues and make the difference between successful product launches and costly repairs or even failures.

Our focus is on identifying the root cause of specific issues and exploring ways to resolve them in order to improve the functional performance of a product. We also assist in optimizing development processes and can sharpen your company’s predictive engineering capabilities by openly sharing our best practices with your own design and development team.

The company is armed with professionals of Electronics, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Software background, well supported by the non-technical staffs. The team consists of experienced Engineers in the field of NVH and Durability. ADAMS has expertise in Structural testing, Acoustic testing for noise source identification, Signature testing and Durability testing. Our Engineers have experience in testing of complete Aircrafts and Satellites for Structural and Durability testing other than Automotive applications.

ADAMS has all the resources for conducting the tests at our own facility. We can also provide our services on site.


Vibration testing can help ensure that your new design will survive its intended environment. Submitting your product for vibration analysis pays for itself by reducing field return costs through improved product reliability. Adams Vibration Test Facility provides a complete service offering Sinusoidal Vibration Testing – Random Vibration Testing – Shock and Bump – Vibration Testing on Components.

Application Areas for which solutions are offered by Adams include:

  • General Noise & Vibration measurement & analysis
  • Structural / Modal Testing
  • Acoustic Testing and analysis
  • Signature Testing (Order Analysis)
  • Environmental /Qualification Vibration tests for customers products & profiles
  • Fatigue testing of specimens.
  • Resonance searching.
  • Qualification Testing
  • Sound Source Localisation
  • Sound Path contribution Analysis
  • Panel Noise Contribution Analysis
  • Calibration of accelerometers.
We also Lease Equipments for Noise and Vibration Testing